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10 GTA restaurants for feel-good French fries

Thursday , July 2nd , 2015

While French fries are popular on menus worldwide, the golden strips of goodness originated in 17th century Belgium, where small fried fish was a common meal. During parts of the year when fishing was limited, fried sliced potatoes were served as a replacement, giving rise to the humble yet satisfying French fry.

Whether you’re a fan of crinkle-cut, curly, wedge or shoestring varieties, French fries are the classic comfort food to accompany a dish, or to dig into as a main course meal with the right condiments and toppings. Below is a roundup of top GTA restaurants to grab an order of French fries and get in on the festivities!


This Thornhill restaurant is a must for delectable deli meat sandwiches served alongside crispy golden fries.


You can expect a delicious meal that’s big on flavour and portion size from this Mississauga sports bar, which specializes in pub-style nibbles, including…


A Toronto mainstay for deli-style dishes, try Yitz’s Special Fries alongside any of the restaurant’s sandwiches, a yummy Yitzburger or a hot dog.


This restaurant’s fries are just one of many reasons the Whitby hot spot is lovingly referred to as “The Tap” by its regulars.


This popular sports bar serves up tasty French fries as sides to the main attraction —some of the best ribs in the GTA, and more than 200 flavours of…


Enjoy an authentic taste of Portugal right here in Toronto at this restaurant that pairs delectable seafood dishes with some of the best spuds in the…


Located on The Esplanade in downtown Toronto, this fish and chips shop owes its popularity to perfectly cooked French fries that complement the quality…


You’ll love noshing on French fries at this delicatessen, which is famous for its signature smoked meat sandwiches and house-made mustards.


This modern, German-style beer hall located in the heart of Toronto has more than 20 house-made sausages to tuck into, alongside its finger-licking good…


Located in Toronto’s Distillery District, this French bistro specializes in steak frites and serves its fries with a lemon and garlic aioli, making…

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