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10 spots to batter up for National Waffle Day

Friday , August 14th , 2015

With National Waffle Day on August 24, there’s no better time to enjoy the batter-based culinary delight, which can be prepared sweet or savoury to appeal to all tastes.

In Belgium, where waffles originated, each region has a variation on a waffle recipe that has been passed down for generations, but they all contain the same basic ingredients: flour, milk and eggs.

Regional variations include adding yeast and leavening ingredients, caramelized sugar and different fillings or toppings, like fruit, syrup or ice cream.

This culinary holiday, don’t waffle on deciding where to celebrate! With the following list to guide you, you’ll be well on your way to some of the city’s best griddles to get your waffle on! 


Every dish at this all-day brunch spot is served on top of, sandwiched between, or presented in the form of waffles — including eggs Benedict, BLTs…


Located in Liberty Village, this popular restaurant is highly rated for its banana split waffle, served with dark chocolate, vanilla crème anglaise,…


You’ll wake up on the sunny side with a waffle from this breakfast joint that can be topped with your choice of Nutella, caramel sauce, strawberries,…


This Dundas Street West restaurant fuses Caribbean and Asian soul food and serves a Hong “King” Kong waffle that’s big on flavour and features Nutella,…


Anything goes at this Queen Street East bar and restaurant, which serves savoury Mexicana waffles with eggs, bison and chorizo chili, cheddar, crema,…


You’ll feel like dynamite after a meal at this popular breakfast joint, which offers a waffle charcuterie dish stacked with scrambled eggs and your…


La Vecchia serves up some the city’s best rustic Italian dishes, which you can cap off with a freshly prepared waffle for a sweet treat after a fine…


Visit this Toronto landmark for an epic brunch that features waffles topped with seasonally inspired ingredients to titillate your senses.


Wanda’s is your go-to bakery for Belgian-style Liège waffles in chocolate and caramel flavours, or try a Wanda’s Original Waffle with a scoop of…


A near-institution in Toronto, Fran’s serves up a Morning Glory breakfast featuring a jumbo waffle topped with eggs, bacon, caramelized apples and hot…

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