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10 Top-rated Toronto restaurants to satisfy your sushi craving

Monday , June 6th , 2016

With International Sushi Day rolling around on June 18, you won’t want to miss the culinary holiday that celebrates the clean and refined flavours found in sushi — a palate-pleasing combination of rice, raw fish and seaweed. 

Made using fresh ingredients and expertly prepared by master chefs, not only does sushi taste good, but it’s also good for you. In fact, sushi — a staple of the Japanese diet — is touted as being among the healthiest foods in the world.

Whether you’re a seasoned sushi lover or new to wielding chopsticks, following is a roundup of Japanese restaurants in Toronto that deliver a delicious dining experience:


Enjoy modern and inventive Japanese fusion cuisine served in a trendy atmosphere at this high-end sushi bar located downtown on King Street West.


A hot spot for both lunch and dinner, this Richmond Street West sushi bistro comes highly rated by top critics, including Joanne Kates, who called it…


You won’t find a California roll at this Etobicoke restaurant that prides itself on serving authentic Japanese food and culture, thanks to ingredients…


This hidden gem located in Liberty Village serves swoon-worthy sushi and a range of unique Japanese dishes, thanks to an extensive and adventurous menu.…


Home to well-seasoned sushi chefs, this Eglinton Avenue East restaurant offers diners a culinary tour of Japan using the freshest top-quality ingredients.…


Try the omakase tasting menu at this Yonge Street sushi bar, and leave it to the chef to craft the perfect Japanese dining experience for you and your…


Located on Church Street, this modern sushi restaurant specializes in Japanese and Korean dishes, and is reputed for its attentive service and warm hospitality.


Authentic Japanese dishes served in traditional tatami (private booths) make this popular King Street East restaurant an absolute must for sushi in the…


Located in Toronto’s Yorkville community, this contemporary Japanese restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere and a rooftop terrace for a Zen-like…


Choose to dine in or take away at this Davis Drive restaurant, and treat yourself to fresh seafood coupled with other fine ingredients for delicious sushi…

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