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10 upper-crust eateries to celebrate Homemade Bread Day

Monday , November 2nd , 2015

The sweet scent of baking bread is known to trigger an appetite. From rustic baguettes to whole wheat loaves, there’s nothing quite as mouth-watering and satisfying as artisanal bread baked fresh and daily.

With Homemade Bread Day upon us, there’s no better time to indulge in the ultimate comfort food slathered with butter or dipped in fine olive oil. Just stick to the following restaurant listings, and you’ll be well on your way to the upper crust of area eateries that serve fresh bread: 


This Distillery District bistro and boulangerie is reputed for its fresh bread bar and classic French cuisine.


A Kensington Market must for fresh, artisanal breads to complete a meal at home!


Available for pickup or to enjoy at the restaurant, Woodlot offers seven varieties of 100 per cent sourdough, organic, handmade and wood oven-fired breads.…


Local, organic flours are the main ingredient in the rustic breads at this Roncesvalles bakery, which features a variety of flavours, textures and aromas.…


From the same folks behind Terroni, a city staple for authentic Italian, is Sud Forno — a Queen Street bakery serving fresh sandwiches, pizza and grab-and-go…


This King Street West Italian bakery is backed by three generations of bakers who use all-natural, organic flours in all of its breads, pastries, cookies,…


This neighbourhood boulangerie, patisserie and café serves authentic French baked goods, including cocoa bread, fig brioche, croissants and other buttery…


Fresh bread is always on the table at this Wellington West French fine dining restaurant.


Brick-oven baked rosemary bread at this popular pizza joint with multiple Toronto locations is a perfect match for dipping in Italian olive oil.


Say hello to Ciao Wine Bar, located in the heart of Yorkville, and tuck into crusty, freshly baked bread to enjoy with your rustic Italian meal!

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