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Crack into crustaceans on National Lobster Day

Friday , June 12th , 2015

Once considered to be peasant food, lobster is now a culinary delicacy and, for many, a luxurious and infrequent indulgence. That’s because cooking — and then eating — a whole live lobster can be intimidating for both the amateur and the seasoned gourmand.

Not to worry! With the following roundup of the region’s finest seafood restaurants as your guide, you’ll be well on your way to cracking into a crustacean without having to get your hands dirty preparing a lobster feast. Don’t forget your bib!  


Rodney’s sources its bi-weekly shipment of live lobster from the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, with some of its “chickens of the sea” weighing in…


With three Toronto locations to choose from, Rock Lobster offers the best of claw-to-tail dishes. For the traditionalist, try the lobster boil doused…


This seafood joint boasts some of the best lobster bisque in the city — a smooth and creamy soup that will keep you coming back for the briny taste…


Warm, toasty and buttery, lobster rolls are a house specialty at this Toronto hotspot, which serves the dish with a side of spuds and coleslaw for a satisfying…


Steamed, broiled, Cantonese or Chinese style, House of Chan serves up select, fresh East Coast lobster any way you like it!


A near institution for more than 40 years, The Lobster Trap owes its longevity to regular shipments of expertly prepared fresh Nova Scotia lobster coupled…


Add some turf to your surf, and find out why Louisiana is known for its southern hospitality at this Brampton, Ontario, steakhouse!


With its two-for-the-price-of-one lobsters, there’s no better way to celebrate the sweet and succulent crustacean than by dining at Wah Sing on National…

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