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The scoop on the city’s best ice cream sandwiches

Friday , August 14th , 2015

With National Ice Cream Sandwich Day on August 2, there’s no better time to enjoy the comfort food classic, traditionally consisting of a slab of vanilla ice cream between two chocolate wafers.

Once considered common street vendor fare, today the ice cream sandwich has raised the bar on decadence and is widely available in some of the city’s best restaurants, bakeries and cafés.

Plus, with so many ice cream flavours and cookie varieties to choose from, the ice cream sandwich is customizable to appeal to all tastes. Following is a roundup of some of the best spots to indulge in an ice cream sandwich to beat the heat this summer! 


Try any flavour of house-made ice cream wedged between freshly baked cookies or macarons at this Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood gem.


If you can’t decide between sweet and savoury, try the Vatican on Ice at this popular burger joint, which features a scoop of ice cream between two…


This Bloor Street West bakery is reputed for its ice cream sandwiches prepared using its signature cookies in flavours such as chocolate cherry, oatmeal…


Set atop the Manulife Centre in downtown Toronto, this restaurant features ice cream sandwiches in classic flavours like chocolate mint and chocolate…


This Dupont Street barbecue joint is known for dishing up some creative cuisine, including its s’mores, peanut butter and jelly, and coconut cream chocolate…


Customize your Ice Cream Sammies with the house-baked cookies at this popular Queen Street East milk bar that specializes in all sorts of sweet treats.…


This Swedish-style cafe in Kensington Market nestles vanilla bean ice cream and tart lemon compote between two perfectly baked pistachio cookies.


Beat the heat with an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from this quaint Unionville confectionary, which pairs old-fashioned ice cream with handmade baked goods.…


This Yonge Street staple tucks tasty frozen yogurt between two delectable signature cookies, and delivers the added bonus of using all organic ingredients…


Reputed for its famous Donut Ice Cream Sandwich drizzled in chocolate and caramel sauces, Uncle Betty’s is the perfect place to ring in National Ice…

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