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Top 10 places to enjoy kale

Saturday , October 1st , 2016

As a superfood that's both good for you and great tasting, kale has earned its own day. October 5 is National Kale Day, a day to indulge your inner health food junkie. Menu Palace has done the hard work for you and found the 10 best places to celebrate this day:



All of their dishes are made from scratch, using wholesome, natural ingredients, including kale, which is featured in some of their tasty meals.


Listed as one of the "Best Healthy Takeout” spots by, The Beet offers foods made with certified organic ingredients.


Try their Nova Scotia Lobster Salad, a delicious mix of cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, pickles, buttermilk, bacon and, of course, kale.


This restaurant offers plant-based, organic, gluten- and refined-sugar-free meal options, as well as a market.


All of their produce is hand-selected from farmers, and they do their best to offer local and organic ingredients.


This vegetarian café offers fresh foods, and once you've been good and eaten your kale, you can treat yourself to their homemade dairy-free ice cream…


Gusto means "tasty" in Italian, and this restaurant lives up to its name with memorable food.


Start off your meal with one of their small plates of Garlic Steamed Kale and Broccoli or Kale Hummus Dip with whole grain crisps.


Wheatless and meatless, this quick-service restaurant offers vegan foods for you to enjoy.


The Create-Your-Own menu lets you choose your own salad, bowl, wrap or soup, and you can add as much kale as you want!

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