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Top 10 places to get cake in the city

Tuesday , November 1st , 2016

November 26, 2016, is National Cake Day and the perfect excuse to indulge your sweet tooth. To prevent you from burning precious calories wandering around the city in search of the best cakes, Menu Palace has found the 10 best places to eat cake for you.


You can order your sweet treat online for added convenience, and enjoy their combination of French pastry and fresh, modern panache.


Every one of their delicious cakes is lovingly made from scratch with premium ingredients and without artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


Your cake can truly be a work of art with one of their custom special occasion cakes, which are designed and crafted to your exact specifications.


Order your one-of-a-kind cake ahead of time, or stop by to see the selection they have in the store. Either way, every bite will be delicious.


Their individual mini cakes are so delicious that you will be happy to have a valid reason not to share.


Their gourmet cakes are sure to please. They offer gluten-free and sugar-free cakes so that everyone can have a bite.


Whether you opt for a traditional cake or one of their gluten-free or vegan options, all of their cakes are delicious.


Dessert makes you happier, and nothing will make you happier than having a slice of one of their cakes.


This family owned and operated bakery makes cakes for all occasions, and even just because.


Here, you will find good, old-fashioned cakes that will satisfy any sweet tooth. You can opt for a small cake, or invite everyone over and serve up their…

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670 Caledonia Rd, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M6E 4V9