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Top 10 places to indulge in chocolate cake

Tuesday , January 3rd , 2017

Friday, January 27, is National Chocolate Cake Day. It's almost like your birthday, but without the whole getting older part.  It's a day where you should indulge your sweet tooth and savour a nice thick slice of chocolate cake. Menu Palace has found the 10 best places for you to do just that.


Sink your teeth into delicious, authentic East Indian sweets created by sweet makers from India.


Their signature cakes are available every day. View the available choices in their showcase to see which one is the most tempting.


Their cakes are baked fresh daily using the finest ingredients. Choose a size that will allow you to share.


The Chocolate One cake is comprised of dark chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge and crispy chocolate - the perfect piece to celebrate the day.


Build your own perfect cake by choosing your flavours, icings and cake fillings.


Not only are their cakes delicious, but they are so beautifully decorated that you may actually hesitate before cutting yourself a slice.


Opt for their basic chocolate cake for a sweet taste or really indulge with their premium triple chocolate cake.


No one will tell if you swap out the cake for a pie, as long as you still enjoy the chocolate part, Choose from their chocolate mousse, chocolate pecan…


Using fine ingredients, such as imported chocolates (and love), their cakes are sure to make your sweet tooth happy.


You might have a hard time choosing just one cake, as they offer lots of delicious choices, including Chocolate Tornado, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Strawberry…

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