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10 best places to sink your teeth into International Bacon Day

Monday , December 7th , 2015

On December 30, we celebrate the tastiest meat to ever cross our lips: bacon! It's the perfect time to head out with some friends and try all of the delicious creations that can be made with bacon. Serious observers of International Bacon Day spend the whole day celebrating, enjoying bacon breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and drinks.

Menu Palace has found the 10 best places in the city for you to celebrate International Bacon Day.


This is where bacon lovers unite to enjoy bacon in ways that you never thought possible!


At North America's only bacon sandwich shop, you're sure to find something delicious to sink your teeth into.


Their modern-day interpretation of the family dinner/barbecue joint includes deliciously thick cut bacon.


This all-day brunch restaurant offers the best that breakfast has to offer, including a BLT on a waffle bun!


Big city. Big country. Big crow. And lots and lots of bacon!


Mildred's is well known for the brunch and “b'lunch,” all available with bacon.


As a Canadian, it's your duty to enjoy the peameal bacon bought fresh from the St. Lawrence Market and cooked to perfection here.


This traditional Irish pub is where the bacon debate can finally be settled: peameal or streaky bacon?


Start your day off with a delicious brunch, where bacon abounds.


Home to Toronto's porchetta sandwich. Enjoy a pork bonanza with pork shoulders, prosciutto and pork belly.

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