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10 Toronto restaurants to relish National Burger Day

Friday , August 14th , 2015

With National Burger Day taking place on August 27, there’s no better time to relish the hearty sandwich that’s traditionally trimmed with lettuce, pickles, onions and ketchup.

Burgers, however, have come a long way since being popularized by fast food joints in the 1920s. The modern burger is handcrafted using high-quality protein and topped with gourmet garnishes, such as artisanal cheeses, house-made sauces and cured meats.

If you’re looking to celebrate the mouthwatering culinary holiday with a memorable meal and all the fixin’s, the following roundup of restaurants is your best bet for some of the city’s biggest and boldest burgers. 


This Charles Street West foodie hub prepares its burgers using 100 per cent premium beef patties that are smashed, seasoned and seared to perfection.


You’ll develop a habit for this burger bar that couples freshly ground chuck and brisket patties with homemade brioche buns and premium toppings.


The Works offers something for every taste, including cheese-stuffed beef burgers, ground turkey burgers, gourmet veggie burgers and elk burgers to satisfy…


If you’re feeling fancy, this restaurant’s Holy Duck burger is topped with seared foie gras, double smoked bacon, maple syrup and fresh truffles.


Patties cooked on a griddle, instead of broiled, and paired with soft buns and premium toppings will leave you praying for more at this popular burger…


This St. Clair Avenue West smokehouse is reputed for its Dirty Thirty burger, a griddle-smashed patty stuffed with house-made smoked cheddar and blue…


Meat lovers will delight in this restaurant’s filler and preservative-free charbroiled burgers served on a cornmeal-dusted kaiser or pretzel bun with…


Boasting the best burger in Mississauga, this traditional pub treats diners to 100 per cent pure beef burgers that are charbroiled to perfection and served…


“The Tap” classes up comfort food with its brie burger garnished with caramelized onions, cider-poached apples and a balsamic reduction.


You’ll go wild for the 100 per cent Angus beef burgers served on brioche buns at this widely popular Dundas Street West eatery!

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