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10 restaurants to shake things up on National Chocolate Milkshake Day

Tuesday , September 8th , 2015

Celebrated by chocoholics across Canada, the September 12 food holiday is an opportune time to chill out with a thick and creamy chocolate shake and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Thanks to the beverage’s main ingredient, a generous scoop of ice cream, there’s likely no such thing as a bad milkshake. However, when it comes to a classic chocolate shake, there is a perfect blend.

With the following roundup of restaurants as your guide, you’ll be well on your way to some of the city’s best blended beverages — and an ultimate milkshake experience you won’t soon forget! 


Get your milkshake fix at this hip Dupont Street restaurant that specializes in comfort food classics, including chocolate, caramel, wild blueberry, vanilla…


There’s something for every taste at this Toronto restaurant located on Brown’s Line, including dreamy chocolate, strawberry and vanilla milkshakes.…


If you’re feeling sinful, the specialty shakes at this burger joint are made with 95 per cent ice cream and five per cent milk, and come in exotic flavours…


Specializing in spiked shakes, this popular burger bar offers boozy beverages like the Chocolate Gorilla Monkey, which is prepared with Kahlua, crème…


This Yonge Street smokehouse is reputed for serving up tasty grown-up shakes prepared with premium ice cream and spirits, and in exciting flavours such…


This no-nonsense Kingston Road burger spot swears by Kawartha Dairy ice cream, and uses the premium brand in all of its delectable milkshakes.


Located on the Danforth, this gourmet burger and milkshake bar prides itself in using only the best ice cream, toppings and two per cent milk for its…


A near institution in Toronto, Fat Phill’s offers shakes in all your favourite flavours, like banana-chocolate, and even has vegan versions for dairy-free…


Open 24 hours, this Wellington Street West diner is your destination to satisfy a late-night milkshake craving, or a hankering, in the wee hours of the…


Suck back a satisfying chocolate, vanilla-strawberry or cherry-coffee shake while playing board games at this popular Bloor Street hangout!

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