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Top five GTA delis to enjoy the upper crust of smoked meat sandwiches

Thursday , December 31st , 2015

With Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day on Jan. 14, there’s no better time to tuck into the delicious deli sandwich prepared with thick slices of cured, seasoned, smoked, and steamed brisket.

Traditionalists tend to enjoy their pastrami simply with coarse-grain mustard. Pickles, onions, cheese, and coleslaw, however, are also common smoked meat sandwich ingredients.

Any way you top it, the below delis are certain to serve you a smoked meat sandwich worthy of noshing on Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day, or any day of the year! 


Centre Street Deli may not be in the heart of the city, but it’s a deli with a lot of heart! Try the turkey pastrami for a unique take on the classic…


You can’t go wrong with a hot pastrami sandwich from this old-style Jewish deli that has been serving smoked meat, and other deli dishes, to Toronto…


Boasting some of the best corned beef sandwiches in Vaughan and the surrounding area, Pancer’s prides itself in delivering a truly authentic deli experience.…


A near-institution in Toronto since 1970, Katz’s is reputed for its freshly prepared dishes, and fast and friendly service. Choose to dine in Katz’s…


This mom-and-pop deli offers traditional smoked meat sandwiches among other classic comfort food fare, and is a hidden gem located in Toronto’s Fashion…

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